Custom Landing Pages For Your PPC Campaigns

Written by - 19/10/2018

When thinking about PPC campaigns, or any digital marketing campaigns for that matter, there are quite a number of really important factors that can have a huge impact on their success. One of those factors is the landing page.

The landing page is the page on your website where you are directing your traffic. They say that first impressions count, and when it comes to landing pages they aren’t wrong. Your landing page has to be highly relevant to the marketing message that brought the person to your website in the first place, and if you can get those two key components aligned you have a good chance of turning web visitors into customers.

To this end, custom landing pages for the specific campaign can prove to be a very worthwhile investment. If you are promoting a very specific marketing message, maybe an offer or a highly targeted service, in order to get the best results your landing page needs to answer the user’s problem as soon as possible. The user clicked on your ad because they felt you could solve the problem that they need help with, so the job of the landing page is to convince them they made the right choice, and a simple link through to the homepage of your website is unlikely to do that.

As a testament to this, recently, we decided to implement some custom landing pages for one of our clients, Oakpark Security which generated great results:

  • We managed to generate an 85% increase in conversions M/M, and over 1000% increase in conversions Y/Y.
  • In addition, these changes reduced the cost per acquisition by 10% M/M and 75% Y/Y, saving money for the client.