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Gift Guide for Web Professionals


It’s coming up to that time of the year again, time to get on down to the shops to battle through the masses of Christmas shoppers and hunt out a gift for your family, friends or colleagues. Coming up with innovative gift ideas each and every year can become a challenge, so we’ve saved you the hassle.

We have scoured the internet for some of the most original and geekiest gift ideas, perfect for those in the web industry; from designers and developers to marketers… we’ve got your back.

Floppy Disk Coasters – £16.81

A bit of a throwback to add a retro touch to their office.

iKettle – £95.00

Arriving in the office at 9am to an already boiled kettle? Any office workers’ dream. By downloading a single app, you can set the kettle to boil for the second you walk in the door. An unlimited number of guests can join the network too, so it will soon become the talk of the office!

Ultimate Geek Pen – £7.99

Five functions in one pen?

    1. A UV light to detect counterfeiting
    2. A laser pointer for presentations
    3. A flashlight on a flexible rod
    4. A stylus tip for digital touchscreen
    5. And a standard ballpoint pen

What more could you need…

USB Mug Warmer – £5.95

Everyone has been in the situation of a cold mug of coffee after coming back from a meeting or getting caught up elsewhere, not anymore…

Web Developer Tees – £14.85

Web developers will understand, trust us!

Power Nap Office Pillow – £25.50

Disguised as unsuspecting black file, this is one to hide amongst the office files for emergency naps.

6-in-1 Multi Charger – £26.95

We’ve all been there, frantically searching for another plug socket. Carrying this around will ensure you’re never in this situation again and will avoid you having to traipse around multiple plug chargers.

Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner – £9.99

Everyone knows Henry, but how about a miniature desk version? After all, a tidy desk is proven to improve productivity!