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One year at Website Design Ltd.


It’s difficult to believe that it’s been a whole year since Kieran and I joined the team at Website Design Ltd. Not only have we spent time learning from our talented colleagues, but also learning about our incredible clients and the businesses they run too.

Meeting the team

Starting a job at a new workplace can be difficult, or even intimidating at times. However, from the time we clocked in on Monday morning, friendly messages from the entire company made us feel completely welcome and at home (even though we were working remotely!). I made sure to pay this forward to our newer team members, Sean and Helen when they joined, ensuring they felt welcome too.

It’s this close family relationship we have at Website Design Ltd that I think really helps us work together well as a team. Communication is key, which is why working frequently with colleagues is a great way to learn or get a fresh perspective on a task you may be stuck on.

Working with my clients

Working with my clients has always proven to be interesting, serving and providing positive results is a great feeling – nothing feels better than knowing you’re helping a business with your marketing skillset.

It’s not always easy though, sometimes it can take longer than expected for a PPC account to perform to expectations, though by using our knowledge and experience as a team, we always strive to achieve fantastic results. Both listening and suggesting to clients are fantastic ways to learn more about their industry, there’s always more to learn and with that always more ideas to bring into practice.

Building new skills, and using old ones

From my year of working here, I’ve been lucky enough to learn and apply my experience to various different marketing channels, including PPC ads, blog writing, email marketing and much more. I truly believe that learning digital marketing in a real-world environment is the perfect way to learn and take advantage of your skills.

Sometimes there might be an unexpected hurdle to overcome, such as a tracking error in Google Analytics – I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my team members and working together to find solutions to more complex problems swiftly and effectively.

The future

I look forward to anything that gets thrown my way in the future, welcoming new team members and overcoming new challenges. I take pride in being a Digital Marketer here at Website Design Ltd. and am excited to be a team member for years to come.