Igma Imaging

Large format print & fabrication specialists

A new website and marketing support with a creative, artistic touch.

Igma Imaging required a modern website which would reflect their quality craftmanship.

Igma Imaging, based in Kent, specialise in large format printing and interior fabrication for a range of well-known corporate clients as well as exceptional quality print and framing for renowned artists.

Our first job on this project was to create a new website which was relatively simple in its structure but showcased Igma’s creative flair. Our team focused on maximising the use of Igma’s great imagery from their catalogue of case studies, while introducing a level of animation to help bring the website to life.

Following the completion of the website project, we launched a PPC campaign on Google Ads, spanning a few key services, which started delivering new enquiries within the first few days of launch.

Custom animation
Bringing it to life

By using a whole host of custom-coded animations and transitions, we have been able to not only showcase Igma's outstanding work for clients such as Starbucks and National Rail, but bring it to life.

Project team