This leading Apple reseller required a website as beautiful as the products they sell. We provided them with a bespoke website, elegantly crafted to match their brand’s clean and fresh image.

The UK’s Largest Retailer of Refurbished Apple Systems

Founded in 2010, MacFinder (Formerly MacBank) have been selling quality Apple goods for 10 years and are now established as Europe’s leading independent reseller of Apple refurbished systems. The forward-thinking and vibrant business provide an unrivalled premium service as they increase the accessibility of Apple products to consumers, whilst reducing world waste as they strive to add longevity to Apple computers.


MacFinder approached us in 2019 as they wanted a new, modern website as they looked to increase online revenue. User experience was key, and something they had struggled with previously due to the configurable elements of the devices they sell. It was also key that the new website had the quality, style and finesse that is usually associated with Apple computers.

Appealing to Apple’s customer base

When it comes to selling Apple computers, the technical specifications can make a big difference to the performance, desirability and the price. Therefore, it was vital to make sure the specifications were front and centre, as these justify the differing price tags on two computers that may appear exactly the same at first glance. We achieved this by creating a product summary listing, rather than just a listing when you are first selecting a product and an additional product summary alongside the pricing on the final product page.

In addition to this, a computer’s specifications can be increased, thus giving customers the option to upgrade their machines, which is key to securing sales and increasing average transaction value. We made the addition of upgrades on the product page extremely easy and replaced ‘View Product’ calls to action with ‘Configure Options’ calls to action to encourage upgrades.

All of this functionality needed to be given a style, and that style had to appeal to Apple customers. A modern, sleek appearance was applied, with the use of modern fonts, minimalist design and high-quality imagery.



Doubling Online Turnover

Following the launch of the website, we started working with MacFinder on their online marketing, supporting them with Google Ads (Search, Display & Shopping) and Email Marketing. Within the first three months, the new marketing campaigns started generating 6-figure monthly revenue figures, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 875%. The website is now delivering double the turnover it did last year, every month.

Since the completion of the MacFinder website and launch of the marketing campaigns, we have also been commissioned to build a community-hub website for MacFinder’s loyal Mac Pro customer base, which you can find at

100% Increase In Revenue Within 3 Months Following The New Website & Marketing Launch

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