Nationwide chain of trailer manufacturers & retailers

A series of new localised websites to improve brand consistency.

With 4 locations and 2 brands at each, Equi-Trek needed 8 websites that could run independently but stay consistent.

Trek-Trailers operate 4 trailer dealerships (Yorkshire, Suffolk, Lincolnshire & Three Counties)and also manufacture/sell horse trailers under the Equi-Trek brand.

Our first job was to ensure we could get a good understanding of what was important for 8 different stakeholders, before combining those into a single design that was modern and functional.

The website also needed to show stock availability across the branches, detailing which trailers were available at which locations. This meant that a user would be able to tell if a trailer was available at their local branch, and if not, which branch did have it in stock. We achieved this by developing a central, standalone stock inventory system which could be live updated across the 8 websites.

Driving website traffic
Campaign marketing

Since the launch of the website network, we have run tightly geographically targeted search & social media marketing campaigns to promote seasonal offers and deliver leads for high-ticket items.

Project team