Small wins

Small Wins 22

Written by Grace - 09/12/2022

As we close up the year and with Christmas approaching fast, the Website Design Ltd team have been hard at work as well as joining in on some football related team building activities. 

Knaus Went Live

Knaus is a part of the Challs family, offering a range of deep cleaning products, including, small appliance, fridge and dishwasher cleaners. Rick and Richard were involved in redesigning and building the new Knaus website. The purpose of the new site was to regenerate the website and introduce a clear theme to the blog that included a mixture of blog posts and testimonials. The team created a new product mega menu to help customers navigate through the site and find information faster. 

Challs Charity Quiz

On Thursday 24th of November, Andy, Matt, Daniel, Elliot and Finn attended the annual Challs Charity Quiz. This year, the quiz was given a Thanksgiving and US theme. After a long pause due to Covid, the team came together to raise money for charity and came 3rd out of 11 teams. The charity quiz night meant that Challs raised £1300 for a local charity. The team at Website Design Ltd have been involved with Challs for some time, managing multiple websites including Buster, Alkimi, Knaus and Bin Buddy, as well as managing the websites our Digital Marketing team manages their PPC accounts too. Take a look *here* at some of the work we can do for our PPC clients. 


The World Cup Football Sweepstake

As well as kicking the football about after work, the team at Website Design Ltd clubbed some money together to contribute to a World Cup sweepstake, where teams are allocated to people and whoever wins the World Cup, wins the sweepstake! Bad luck to Andy, who drew Qatar, and will have to hold hopes that either Brazil or Ghana do better in the games to come.