Small wins

Small Wins Episode 13


New year, new you. Or in our case new year, new opportunity to produce some outstanding work for our amazing clients. So, how have we kick-started our 2022 work?

We’ve Hired A Business Administrator Apprentice

The WDL team has certainly been growing rapidly since 2021 – and there is no plan on slowing down any time soon. We’ve recently hired Mia – our new Business Administration Apprentice who will be working closely alongside Abi learning the ins and outs of WDL.

Mia is most looking forward to becoming part of our wonderful team; getting to know everyone and learning about the business whilst working towards her Level 3 qualification at Colchester Institute.

Mia has had lots of experience working in various customer service roles, bringing some excellent interpersonal skills to the table. Like most of us, Mia has learnt to adapt these skills from a face to face setting to a remote setting over the past 18 months.

In 2020 Mia enrolled at Fashion Retail Academy in London and achieved a diploma in Fashion Retail and Fashion Marketing in September 2021. Following this, she had some experience working at an event planning company, which gave her an insight into understanding different aspects of a business.

Long Term Client Takes On New Project

We’ve recently taken on an exciting new project with long-term client Britcar. The new project will see their current website reworked and upgraded, following a number of user issues being highlighted to us. The project is currently with our Development team, in particular Jonathan, who is taking the initial steps into devising the best plan of action to have maximum benefit for Britcar and their clients.

Cumulus Beds Goes Live

We mentioned that we were working on a new Cumulus Beds website build in episode 6 of this Small Wins series, however, we’re happy to say that it’s now live. Following some positive feedback from the client, we tidied up a few loose ends in preparation for the website going live. With the website ready to launch, we have been waiting on the green light from the King Of Cotton partners – and the wait is finally over!

It’s Time To Say Goodbye

I know that this blog is dedicated to our success stories from month to month, but I feel we need to share a small bit of sad news. We said goodbye to Shahed at the start of January. Shahed joined WDL over two and a half years ago and had simply become “part of the furniture” (in our Managing Director’s words). Shahed has taken on a new marketing role at the University of Essex – we wish him all the best for his future endeavours and will miss him greatly.

And that brings our first Small Wins blog to a close for 2022. Stay tuned for February’s edition where we’ll be introducing you to not one but two new members of the Digital Marketing team…