Small wins

Small Wins Episode 19

Written by James - 05/09/2022

So what’s been happening at Website Design Ltd throughout August? There were a number of things that came to mind when planning this blog, however, there were three things that stood out more than the rest.

Trek-Trailers Goes Live

Trek-Trailers are a trailer providing company of all shapes and sizes, from tipper trailers to equestrian trailers. We’ve helped bring their smaller branches together under one company name, with the branches now location dealerships.

We’ve been busy working on the new Trek-Trailers website which is now live! The rebuild and redesign has allowed the company to provide consistency and cohesion across their network – gradually combining their sites together.

We’re planning on launching the three remaining Trek-Trailers sites later this year, with the four remaining Equi-Trek sites to be launched in 2023. This project also includes implementing 301s, writing custom meta data and continuing our maintenance of their PPC account.

MacFinder’s Back To School Sale

We’ve agreed multiple campaigns with MacFinder in the remaining months of 2022 (including a campaign for January and the new year). Finn started with their “Back To School” sale, which is currently live on their website!

Finn created the designs for the homepage banner, sale page, social posts, website popup and email. As this was the first sale for MacFinder, we also set up a new campaign email template which we will use for the rest of the promotions in the pipeline.

We’re Hired Two Account Managers


Before working for Website Design Ltd, Sean worked in a role for The Sun that had similarities to account management and website maintenance, he even went on to work in a marketing department for 7-8 months. This role was for a holiday/travel admin position which meant lots of work updating images to go live on websites – as well as dealing directly with clients themselves. Sean’s picked up some valuable experience in his previous employments, and is excited to add more to his repertoire at Website Design Ltd.

He’s looking forward to getting stuck in, learning lots from an incredibly knowledgeable team, and growing with the company.


Like Sean, Phil also has a background in managing client relations – 8-years experience in his previous role. Phil is looking forward to learning about the systems and processes we use to offer our clients the best experience possible.

In Phil’s spare time he enjoys his music and fitness. Rumour has it, Phil is a keen runner, and even dabbles in the DJ world from the comfort of his own home.