Small wins

Small Wins Episode 21

Written by James - 01/11/2022

October has come to an end which means it’s time to summarise our work in another Small Wins blog. This month has been a little different as we feature some of our own work with our rebrand as we move from “WDL” to “Website Design Ltd” – find out more about our rebrand later in this blog.

MacFinder’s October flash sale

We continue our work with long-term client MacFinder, this time helping out with their October flash sale. The work included designing a banner for their website as well as creating an email for the flash sale campaign.

The sale designs included the use of MacFinder’s image library – a new folder that has been created containing a number of product images from all the different models they stock.

We’ve had a rebrand

WDL became Website Design Ltd as we redesign our website, logo, and outlook of our customer-facing image. Our new website launched late in October, with an email campaign and a number of social posts created to complement the launch. If you want to know more about the new website – check out our website launch blog.

The rebrand work saw all of our teams work together on this project over a number of months – and we’re all extremely happy with the final result.

Mobile Clutch Repair SEO

Having managed the Mobile Clutch Repair PPC ads for a while, we’ve recently undertaken some SEO and hosting work for them. Matthew has moved their website onto our Website Design Ltd hosting, while Jack has performed a number of SEO tasks to increase the organic visibility of the website. These tasks included removing pop-ups, fixing files, increasing content quality, writing metadata and much more.

We look forward to next month’s Small Wins blog where we’ll bring you the penultimate blog in this series for 2022.