Small wins

Small Wins episode 24

Written by James - 07/02/2023

A new year, new month, new goals – but the same Small Wins blog series! This series has come a long way since we launched the first episode in October 2020, of course back then the series was named “Even Small Wins Deserve Celebrating”. We’ve shared a number of projects over the years and we don’t plan on slowing down in 2023!

Schools Choice wireframe

We’ve put together a wireframe for a new document generation application that allows Schools’ Choice to create documents for their customers. Admin users will be able to create new templates composed of various data types, including paragraphs, business rules and customers.

Within a document template, criteria can be set and paragraphs can be ordered. Once the template has been published, either an admin or standard user can generate a document, selecting the template they wish to use and the criteria for a specific employee of a Schools’ Choice customer. For example, Schools’ Choice could generate a new starter letter for a new employee at one of their schools. The template and information is all pulled from the system and rendered into a Word document that they can download and provide to the school.


Collabow is a file-sharing and management tool which is the fastest-growing sharing platform in the UK. To emphasise their position they wanted an updated site that stood out from the crowd, showcasing the key features of their file-sharing platform.

We delivered a newer bolder brand presence that made use of bold typography, building on their existing brand recognition and style which has already been established.

New Website Design Ltd Dev Page

After some client feedback and looking to make sure our website is clear for our customers, we have added a new business applications page to our website.

This is to let businesses know that we can design and build bespoke applications for your needs. Whether you want bespoke databases created, or need reporting software. We can liaise with you to create a platform that can save your business time and money. Rather than working in the confines of an off-the-shelf program.