Small wins

Small Wins episode 26

Written by James - 02/06/2023

As another month comes to an end, we reflect on some of our small wins – this month’s edition includes a great internal success story and an office renovation update!

75 East Hill Hosts First Meeting

If you’ve been following our Small Wins series, or scrolled through our socials, you may have noticed a few mentions of our office renovation here or there. With the renovations making some good progress, we held our first meeting in one of the meeting rooms upstairs. With the hardwood floors stripped back to their natural beauty and desks and chairs set up, the meeting room was ready to host its first formal internal meeting. Tom, Andy and Kieran got together as we build a new marketing plan for Website Design Ltd – with weekly marketing meetings, we have big plans for the future and are excited to begin the next step of our journey.

Essex Law postcards

In our recent collaboration with Essex Law, an existing client whose website we developed a few years ago using a templated design, we suggested using A5 postcards as an effective promotional tool. The objective was to reach specific businesses, making it a targeted approach rather than a generic mailing to letterboxes. The design of the postcards was carefully crafted to accommodate labels and postage frank, ensuring convenience and professionalism. Leveraging their existing branding, we seamlessly incorporated their logo, colours, and brand elements into the postcard design. We even handled the entire printing process, ensuring high-quality production and timely delivery.

We’ve attended some exhibitions, both providing some positive conversations and promising leads for potential clients and business relationships as we move into 2023.

Anglia Business Exhibition 2023

The Anglia Business Exhibition was founded 28 years ago, as an exhibition to showcase local businesses, innovation, entrepreneurs and be a platform to sell, trade and grow the local business community. 28 years on and the exhibition has grown but our ethos hasn’t shifted – we remain focused on providing an opportunity for local businesses to meet, network and do business.

The exhibition allowed us to make some great connections with other businesses. We engaged with hundreds of SME owners throughout the day, as well as some other local like-minded agencies who we will be looking to support through our white-label work.

The Essex Business Partnerships, Annual Business Show 2023

The Essex Business Partnerships, Annual Business Show 2023 is created to support local businesses, the show has numerous networking opportunities and stands are hosted by local businesses. Sponsored by Essex County Council, the Business Show includes keynote speakers presenting topics dedicated to providing vital information, for local businesses, throughout the day.

Throughout the day we started some promising conversations with similar industry-specific individuals – we’re excited to continue these conversations in the near future. It was also really interesting to listen to the keynote speakers who covered topics including cybersecurity and AI.