The most powerful types of social media post

Written by Nate - 12/01/2024

The most powerful type of social media post

Social media can be an amazing tool for businesses to engage with their audience and find new customers but just posting on social media isn’t enough.

Your social media posts need to be as thoughtful, meaningful, and carefully curated as the products you stock or the services you offer to clients.

There are many different ways you can use social media but here are the four types of social media posts every business should be doing to keep its audience engaged:

Educational content

A bit like this blog post actually, you need to demonstrate value to your audience by giving them handy tips and tricks.

By sharing educational content on social media you build trust and credibility, especially with those who follow you but haven’t actively engaged by purchasing from you.

Educational social media content

You can do anything related to your business that provides information and education like…

Practical tutorials

Everyone loves a tutorial so you could show off creative ways to apply eyeshadow, or how to replace a coil in a vape kit – whatever your business does, we bet you could teach someone how to do something!

Seasonal guides

Seasonality brings unlimited creativity, whether you want to tell people how to spot the best deals on Black Friday or explain why one type of Christmas wrapping paper is more environmentally friendly.

The opportunities to demonstrate your value on social media are endless and if people find it valuable, they might share it with a friend.

Visual content

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to social media, that’s particularly true, especially with the rise of more visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Image and video-based content is where you can have some fun and show off your creative juices.

Visual Social Media Content

People respond to something that looks and feels engaging so here are some ideas to get you started…

Live streaming

On most social media platforms you can now live stream and there are endless ideas to actively engage with your audience using a live stream like launching a new product or live Q&As.

Before and after images

Everyone loves a good transformation and social media is a great way to show a real customer journey, especially if your business sells home improvement products or anything that has a beginning and an end.


Let’s not forget how much people love a good meme… regardless of your industry, you can have some fun with visual social media content.

Interactive content

Show your followers that you’re not just here to sell them something and want to hear from them, every engagement will widen your reach!

After all, what’s the point in posting if nobody responds?

Why not try these ideas…

Competitions & giveaways

You don’t have to give away anything spectacular and expensive, but everyone loves a good competition. Encourage users to engage by answering a question, tagging a friend, and reposting for a small prize.

Polls and surveys

People love a good poll and not only do they generally get quite good response rates, it allows you to gain valuable insights into your followers and customers.


Storytelling is arguably the most important type of social media content to post because it works independently or combined with any of the above.

We live in an age where people crave knowledge and people are more inclined to buy from people rather than a huge corporation when they can.

You can tell a story in many ways, including…

Employee stories

Whether it’s introducing a new member of staff or celebrating an employee who has reached an important milestone in their career, people on social media love to hear real-life feel-good stories amongst all the doom scrolling.

Behind-the-scenes insights

Sure, your products and services are important but people will feel like you’re letting them in on a secret by showing what happens behind the scenes. It can be a photo of your office decorated for Christmas or a team night out, it shows there are real humans behind the computer.

In conclusion, these four types of social media posts, when used well, can be the start of an amazing, engaging, and entertaining social media strategy that can help you connect with your followers, and gain new ones.

Don’t have the time to do social media yourself? Reach out to our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your needs and get you on the road to social media success…