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What Is Google Search Console?

19th August 2020, By | Digital Marketing

You may have heard of Google Search Console (GSC) or Google Webmaster Tools before. As a free Google service, Search Console is a tool that allows access to a large amount of useful information to get the very best from your website. In this blog, we will explain how Search Console can be used by different stakeholders.

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a tool that can be used for a number of purposes. Ultimately, it is used by anyone and everyone who holds an interest in a website and is interested in improving their website’s organic search presence. As a result, GSC is widely used amongst professional marketers, webmasters, business owners, app developers and more. So how can Google Search Console help you? Read below to find out more.

I am a…

Business owner

If you’re a business owner you are unlikely to be using Google Search Console yourself. However, it is important that you are aware of it and exactly how it can be used to help your website and your business.


Digital Marketer

Google Search Console is a useful tool in a digital marketers arsenal. A digital marketer is focused on all things related to online marketing and can use Search Console for a number of things; from monitoring website traffic, optimising search rankings, to making edits to your search results appearance. Packed full of information, search console can be linked to other tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads making it ideal for a digital marketer as it works well with so many other essential digital marketing tools.


Website Administrator

If you are a website administrator then you are responsible for the health of your website/s. Google Search Console is a valuable tool that can help you to better care for your site, as well as easily identify and resolve any errors and fixes. This can include issues such as site load issues and security issues. 

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19th August 2020, By | Digital Marketing

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