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What’s the Biggest Problem Most Businesses Face?


You’re probably experiencing some problems with your business right now. Yours will be different from mine but we’ll have something in common – our inability to effectively solve these problems.

What makes us incapable?

We didn’t get into business to solve problems, not the type of ones we’re experiencing anyway. We got into business for other reasons; to build a great product, to deliver a fantastic service, hopefully make some money, have more autonomy over our careers, etc. What we didn’t anticipate was the problems that would follow.

How do we become capable?

Approach a problem the way we do when we build a great product or deliver a fantastic service. Put simply – approach a problem in the way you already know how to.

  1. Take time to understand the problem
    Problems are unexpected and unwanted so they often evoke emotions that cloud our judgement. Take the time to really understand what the problem is and the root cause of it, putting aside how it’s making you feel.
  2. Do your research
    Whilst it might feel like you’re the only one to experience the problem you’re facing, you’re not alone. Research your problem – there might be a solution waiting on Google.
  3. Don’t tackle it on your own
    We’ve all got capable people around us (unless that’s part of the problem you’re facing) but when problems arise we often try to solve them on our own. There’s method in this madness but it’s still madness!
  4. Create a plan
    You understand the problem and you’ve got a solution agreed – that’s the easy bit. The hardest bit is committing to see it through. Without a plan you’ll get sidetracked, probably with another problem. Create a plan and be confident – you did your groundwork so have confidence it will work. If it doesn’t work, it’s probably because you didn’t fully commit.
  5. Learn
    Now the problem has been solved you need to learn from it. Learn that you can solve problems, or more importantly, that you always could. Learn that you now have an approach that works, so make sure you stick to it. Learn that problems are a part of business. Learn that solving problems quickly and effectively gets you back to building that great product, or delivering that fantastic service. Learn that you’ve just solved the biggest problem of all – your inability to solve problems.