Why you and your business need a blog


Regularly writing a blog for your website can seem like a lot of effort and some may even say it’s a massive waste of time. But in this blog post, I’m going to discuss why well-written blogs are integral to the success of your business and how they can play a large part on the level of success achieved by your website and overall business goals.

Firstly, blogs can’t be that bad? After all, you’re reading this blog right now. Many people have the misconception that a blog takes hours to write and the benefits gained from a single blog are very minimal. Yes, this can be true. Of course, it can be true. If you’re spending hours writing poor content that has no use to anyone or any relevance to your readers then yes, stop writing your blog. But not completely, instead change to writing useful and shorter blogs that have a benefit to your readers. Blogs are a powerful tool to have in your digital marketing arsenal for a number of reasons…

Tell your story

Writing a blog allows you to talk about a subject that is important to you from your perspective. Becoming an industry leader is the aim of almost all businesses. Become an industry leader by sharing your story and your opinion on the big topics that matter in your industry. Share your expertise to your readers without having to rely on a journalist or external source.

Raise awareness and attract an audience

With billions of users on the internet, a blog is a step towards reaching as many relevant people as possible. Through SEO, be found by those who are searching for terms relevant to the keywords in your blog. Raise awareness of your brand and business through informational blogs. I have previously mentioned the importance of PPC and SEO, blog writing is a very easy and simple way to improve organic Google search rankings and get noticed.

Blogging can happen anywhere

Writing a blog can take 20 minutes. A quick blog on a hot topic or an area of interest from readers doesn’t need to take much time and can be written anywhere, whether you’re on the train to work or have a spare hour during the weekend and a blog idea pops into your head. Blog writing is simply the sharing of ideas and thoughts, write your thoughts down as soon as you think of them, post it on your website and that’s a blog!

Connect with your customers

Blog writing is an excellent way to connect with your customers. By sharing your ideas and encouraging conversations and interactions with your customers you can build better relationships with your customers while promoting your business culture and values.

There are many more benefits to your business writing a blog, and hopefully, these points are enough to persuade you to get creative and get writing. If you would like to discuss further how writing a blog can be beneficial to you and what else we can do at WDL to improve your online business performance then please feel free to contact us.