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Introducing Our Sister Company – Website Management


We recently introduced you to The PPC People – one of our sister companies, however, if you’ve been following us for a while, or you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you may be aware of our second sister company Website Management.

Like The PPC People, Website Management is a relatively new sister site to our WDL company. The new company will be branching out, focusing solely on One-Off WordPress Fixes. The ethics and quality of work from Website Management will be in line with that of WDL, ensuring the same core company values are adhered to.

Who are Website Management?

Website Management is made up of the current Development team within WDL. The Development team is the longest standing team at WDL, although that is largely due to Matt who has been here over 15 years. Currently, Website Management comprises of 4 WordPress experts (Jonathan, Jamie and Rick), with Matt overseeing all activities within the new organisation.

Do they just deal with WordPress websites?

The Developers at WDL really are a talented bunch (well, in my opinion at least) and it’s not uncommon to see them working in a number of different website platforms. In Website Management’s case, they will only be looking to take on work that is strictly WordPress related, offering One-Off Fixes from just £49.

What type of things can Website Management fix?

Website Management will look to take on almost any issue you have within WordPress. Some of the most common reasons people contact us are:

  • I can’t see my new website
  • I can’t find my site on Google
  • My email is not working
  • I can’t add a page to the menu
  • Changes I make aren’t displaying
  • Everything has gone. Help!

If you can relate to any of the above, it might be worth reaching out to our sister company today!