Small wins

Small Wins Episode 18


The Website Design Ltd. team have been hard at work with many new clients as well as big projects for existing ones. In our small wins blogs, we show 3 of our favourite wins of the month and this month is no different!

MS UK Booking Portal

We are very excited to have secured the work of building a booking portal for our new client MS UK – our development team has been preparing and planning for the project ahead.

The brand new custom-made booking portal will allow MS UK’s clients to book and access online exercise classes, courses, therapies and peer support. Various resources will be available to purchase via subscription or one-off payments, helping the charity to raise money.

MS UK is a fantastic charity offering support to people suffering from MS across the UK with services such as a freephone helpline and many more. We are incredibly proud to be working alongside such a great charity and are excited to begin work on this new project.

Quarterly Meeting & New Staff Benefits

Recently, the Website Design Ltd staff got together for our quarterly company meeting – this time there were a few surprises in the mix!

There were various updates on the current state of our office, with many pictures allowing us to see the inside for the first time – working face-to-face after two years of working from home will be refreshing for the whole team!

As well as this, the plan for our new work from anywhere scheme was discussed. We are looking at hiring new staff members from across the country, as well as the possibility of hiring staff members from other countries. This new scheme would allow our staff to work from around the world on either a temporary or permanent basis.

At the end of the meeting, Elliot surprised us with a new staff benefit! As per our years of service at Website Design Ltd, we will now be rewarded with extra days of annual leave ranging from 2 extra days annual leave at 2 years, to 10 extra days at 20 years.

Website Design Ltd’s Day Out

Every few months, the Website Design Ltd team get together for a team event. Previously we met for Ninja Tag & axe throwing, this time we went to aqua park in St Osyth. As our team currently works remotely, it’s always good to meet face-to-face and spend some time team-building.

Our aqua adventure was split into three activities; paddleboarding, the giant inflatable wipe-out course and tubing. Paddleboarding was first, with Rick leading the way (both in terms of paddle boarding technique and next-level balance). Luckily we all had life jackets on as it was only a matter of time before one of us got wet. It was no surprise to the DM team to see Kieran fell in first.

After an hour on the water, we moved on to the main attraction, the wipe-out course. After jumping, ducking, sliding, weaving and falling (many, many times) for an hour we headed over to the tubing station where we were pulled along the water by a high-powered zip-line, holding on for dear life.

A great, active day in the sun resulted in a large number of achy muscles as well as a small amount of sunburn!